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Learning how to use the technology of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy®, will take your NLP Practitioner skills to new levels!

NLP Master Practitioner Certificate Training

Servicing area

Australia Wide

2023 NLP Master Practitioner Certificate Course

Sydney: May 20 - June 4
Melbourne: Aug 19 - Sept 1


May 20 - June 4
(Taught at same time as Sydney In Person dates)

The NLP Master Practitioner Certificate Training is designed to enable graduates to deal more effectively and more successfully with an increasingly complex business environment.

The NLP Master Practitioner Training is about mastery -- the mastery of your current NLP skills, and mastery of a whole new level of powerful techniques, as well as learning how to use them from an entirely different angle.

The number of certifications from this NLP certification training is incredible.

Successful graduates will receive five certifications upon their successful completion -- in NLP, Time Line Therapy® and in Hypnosis! And they also receive Certification as a Master NLP Coach, and Certification (intro level) in Dr. Clare Graves' Values System.

The NLP Master Practitioner* provides advanced knowledge and skills in NLP.

Techniques like Quantum Linguistics, Values, Metaprograms, Advanced Submodalities and Advanced Strategies are emphasized throughout the training. Time Line Therapy® Techniques at the Master Practitioner Level** and Hypnosis Certifications are also included in the training.

Certification (intro level) in Dr. Clare Graves' Values System is also part of the Master Practitioner together with Certification as a NLP Master Coach. This course integrates these technologies to meet your business, career and personal goals and objectives.

- Live & work with your passion!

- Complete an 8 Hour Personal Breakthrough Session – in the coaching world, this is a $5000 session to completely transform your life

- Command a higher hourly rate and provide more complete coaching – you have the tools and processes to work with anyone who walks through your door 

- Sophisticated negotiation, influencing, selling and business skills

- Modelling: deconstruct successful behaviours into a step-by-step replicable formula

- Advanced Healing: over 37 years of research and training on healing the human body – watch as we demonstrate the removal of years of chronic pain in clients

- Breakthrough YOUR own barriers and doubts about success

Plus MUCH MORE from the world’s best

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Limited spots remaining. Enquire now to secure your spot. Click the Button Below ▼

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